Offer / Campaign Performance Estimator

▪ The propose of this calculator is to give you an estimation of what your campaign statistics should look like in order to break even.

▪ Landing Page Clicks, Landing Page CTR, Conversions and ROI are calculated metrics based on your input.

▪ Please reach out to your affiliate manager or affiliate network support, if you don't know what your offer Conversion Rate, EPC and Payout is.

Important Note!

The estimations provided in the table below do not take in consideration any necessary optimizations like publisher blocking, variable bid changes or landing page improvements.

You can safely play with higher or lower performance thresholds when optimizing your campaign, depending on your actual conversion rate after the initial test and optimization.

Enter Your Offer Performance Metrics Below:

Ad Spend Est. TS Clicks Est. LP CTR Est. LP Clicks Est. Conversinos Est. Revenue Est. ROI

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